2 Reasons WHY LISTSOURCE WON’T WORK - Honest Review 📍 Real Estate Wholesale - myEmpirePRO (2023)

2 Reasons WHY LISTSOURCE WON’T WORK - Honest Review 📍 Real Estate Wholesale - myEmpirePRO (1)

This software provides unmatched access to detailed property records nationwide. More data, more features, and investor toolsthan any other service.

Unlimited searches let you evaluate specific properties or search our database of over 160 million records, both on and off market, that meet your exact investment criteria.Target motivated sellers, find cash buyers, accurate COMPS, and much more with our precise filtering system.

In this post, I have a video review of how listsource and platforms like it work. Stay tuned.. before we dive in…

Get free data and free comps for massive deals here…. it also comes with free data analysis tools so that you can spend money on data that more likely to convert to deals.


“For those of you that use Listsource, how effective and productive is it? Who has gotten legitimate leads that lead to closings from Listsource? Worth the money? Out of 100 names,how many realistic leads may lead to a closing?”

This is a loaded question(s) but God is bigger than this question.

The question came from a newbie in real estate wholesale who is basically snooping around looking for shortcuts to generation motivated seller real estate leads.

That’s what people go to places like Listsource source to do.

But specifically, Listsource is a data collection platform.

They don’t promise you anything other than a list of property addresses, theirs owners and many times, the owners’ mailing address.

I get it.

If I were you, I would be looking for the easiest, smartest and fastest way to real estate motivated sellers.

How much is Listsource? Is there a better alternative?

Listsource pricing and cost varies based on what data you want access to, how often you want access.

So if you understand database management as it is related to marketing, you can save money.

There are instances when you can just pay one time to download a list. Other times, you may owner a call center and need data access consistently to market to.

Your worst case scenario with using Listsource services is downloading bad data which I don’t think they have a problem replacing it.

Data brokerage is a very lucrative business.

They have to be stupidly greedy to try to steal from you.

So how effective and productive Listsource or any of the other alternatives and competitors is… depends on your marketing skills.

It’s a data collection platform.

That leaves us with the 2 possible reasons why Listsource won’t work.

  1. Listsource won’t do your data research a.k.a skip tracing which is how you find phone number for the owners.
  2. Listsource won’t do your data outreach a.k.a marketing and prospecting which is how you attract motivated sellers and cash buyers.

You can access all the data you need to become successful but they can’t guarantee your success because they don’t know your willingness and ability to learn market research and marketing.

“Who has gotten legitimate leads that lead to closings from Listsource?”

Listsource does not sell leads.

They sell data and it’s up to you what you do with the data.

It’s your data or market research which may include skip tracing or online research that will turn these data to leads.

You can call a list of name and addresses leads until you attach media to it. That may be phone numbers or a campaign like direct mailing or digital marketing.

“Worth the money?”

Yes but that depends what you do with the data they sell you. Data is king if you know how to market to it.

“Out of 100 names, how many realistic leads may lead to a closing? how much is listsource”.

The honest answer here considering the mindset that is asking this question is ZERO.

But then, you could also close 5 deals from 100 names.

Not all data list are created equal.

For example, auction foreclosures performance or conversion rate would be different from absentee owners or tax delinquent.

There are too many factors to consider.

But the main factor is YOU.

Are you willing to become a student of marketing in this digital age?

If the answer is “yes”, you’re good.

If not, never mind.

You will fail in this and any other business.

You will do better on a regular job.

Most other Listsource Reviews that won’t tell you the truth

Truth is that Listsource can be used for free to collect count and census data.

For example, you can use it to know how many pre-foreclosure or cash buyers are in a city.

These are meaningful pieces of information that can become intelligence in you real estate wholesale business.

By the way, platforms with promo codes such as biggerpockets etc may tell you that’s all you need.

They probably don’t mean that in full context.

You need to learn how to analyze data and market properly in a resourceful manner.

Check this one out… it’s risk free to try it.

Get free data and free comps for massive deals here…. it also comes with free data analysis tools so that you can spend money on data that more likely to convert to deals.

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2 Reasons WHY LISTSOURCE WON’T WORK - Honest Review 📍 Real Estate Wholesale - myEmpirePRO (2)

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2 Reasons WHY LISTSOURCE WON’T WORK - Honest Review 📍 Real Estate Wholesale - myEmpirePRO (4)

Is List Source accurate?

The data inside list source, as the name say, are sourced from other sources like real county houses etc. So there is no more legitimacy than that.

How many realistic leads may lead to a closing?

The rule of thumb in any marketing project is to target at least 1 of any name list but not all data are created equal. You have to test and see.

How much does ListSource cost?

The cost of collecting data through listsource depends on the volume of size of the your list.

The bigger the cheaper and it can go as low as $0.11 (11 cents) per record.

How often is ListSource updated?

Listsource claims that they scrub their list every 30 days.


Is ListSource worth it? ›

ListSource is highly regarded by real estate professionals because of its convenience and ease of use. It is a great option to have at your disposal, especially if you are venturing into the real estate industry for the first time and you are unsure if the direct mailer marketing approach suits your needs.

How often does ListSource update? ›

Search Properties

Our data is updated daily, ensuring that you always have access to the fresh and accurate data lists needed for properties throughout the U.S..

What is a list source? ›

What is ListSource? ListSource is your source for property, homeowner and demographic based leads. With ListSource, you will discover exactly what your business needs to create targeted homeowner direct marketing lead lists. How do I build a list?

How do I start a virtual wholesaling real estate? ›

Here is our virtual wholesaling blueprint to get you started:
  1. Start Researching.
  2. Find A Profitable Locations.
  3. Search For The Right Properties.
  4. Analyze Your Investment Property.
  5. Write & Execute Your Contract.
  6. Contact The Seller.
  7. Market The Contract To Buyers.
  8. Assign The Contract.

Is ListReports com really free? ›

One text is all it takes.

ListReports is a free service for real estate agents that provides an easy way to create great-looking marketing material for property listings and impress clients during listing presentations. ListReports is a free product for real estate agents.

Who owns listings to leads? ›

Scott Pierce - Founder - Listings-to-Leads | LinkedIn.

How much is PropStream per month? ›

The base version of PropStream is $99 per month, but you can also Try a FREE Trial for Seven Days to see if you like it first. You can also purchase add-ons, such as Team Member, List Automator®, Mobile Scout, and Marketing Tools, to make the most of your software experience.

How often is PropStream updated? ›

PropStream provides daily updates to: MLS Listings (Sales, Failed Listings, Active, Pending, and Contingent Listings)

What is Rebo gateway? ›

ReboGateway is a completely automated system providing reliable data that successfully enhances brokers and real estate agents listings and sales.

What is a list used for? ›

2. A list is any information displayed or organized in a logical or linear formation. Below is an example of a numerical list, often used to show several steps that need to be performed to accomplish something.

What is a list what is the purpose of a list? ›

Lists allow you to emphasize important ideas. They also increase the readability of text by simplifying long sentences or paragraphs and adding aesthetic passive space to make reading more pleasant. However, using the wrong kind of list or poorly formatting a list can create confusion rather than enhance readability.

What is list and its example? ›

What is a List? A list is an ordered data structure with elements separated by a comma and enclosed within square brackets. For example, list1 and list2 shown below contains a single type of data. Here, list1 has integers while list2 has strings.

Is wholesaling hard to get into? ›

Is Wholesaling In California Easy? No, it's not easy because wholesalers need to understand the state and local contracts and real estate laws.

Is virtual wholesaling hard? ›

There are very few authentic home run deals in this business. Deals where you can get it under contract for an amount so low that you can flip it to another investor who will also make a profit. It's a lot more difficult than ever before to be able to put an authentic home run together.

Is virtual wholesaling real? ›

What Is Virtual Wholesaling? Virtual wholesale real estate involves buying and selling a property remotely, without ever visiting it in person. This transaction takes place via a computer or smartphone, and investors will sign the necessary documentation electronically.

How does ListReports work? ›

How does ListReports work? Step 1: Submit any address in the United States from your ListReports Dashboard. Step 2: If it's an active listing, you'll receive a follow-up notification providing you with a 25+ piece marketing kit featuring the information and photographs from the property's MLS listing within one hour.

Who owns ListReports? ›

ListReports was acquired by Integrity Growth Partners/MBS Highway. ListReports is an innovative new startup in the real estate technology industry.

Why use ListReports? ›

ListReports flyers are eye-catching, easy to read, come branded for the agent, and provide information about the neighborhood the MLS data sheets don't provide. Great service!

What is listings 2 leads? ›

A marketing & lead generation platform that generates buyers & sellers for agents with or without listings!

Are leads on Realtor worth it? ›

Is it worth it to pay for real estate leads? Many agents find it worth it to pay for real estate leads. That's because the average realtor commission is usually at least a few thousand dollars. This commission more than offsets the couple hundred dollars a month you might pay for leads.

How do real estate agents get listing leads? ›

How to Get Leads in Real Estate
  1. Build partnerships.
  2. Throw a housewarming party.
  3. Become a restaurant regular.
  4. Send a handwritten note.
  5. Leverage the internet to advertise.
  6. Advertise through more traditional media.
  7. Build your own website.
  8. Develop a niche.
Jul 8, 2022

Does Fundrise charge monthly? ›

Fundrise charges two annual fees on your portfolio. First, they charge a 0.15% annual advisory fee. Their website notes they could waive this fee in certain situations. Fundrise also charges up to 0.85% as an asset under management fee.

Does PropStream give leads? ›

For instance, PropStream allows you to instantly generate targeted leads and marketing lists using any combination of 120-plus property search filters and statuses. The List Automator feature will automatically add new leads that match your search criteria, while also removing leads that no longer do.

Does PropStream give you cash buyers? ›

Locate the Quick List choices dropdown menu and select Cash Buyers. Now go to property characteristics and choose the exact buyer that you need. Start with classifications. If you need a residential buyer, then select residential, if you need a commercial buyer, select commercial.

What are failed listings on PropStream? ›

What is a Failed Listing and what is it used for? A Failed Listing means a property was unable to sell on the MLS through the listing agent. This data is a good indicator that the property owner has motivation to sell.

How much are lists on PropStream? ›

The List Automator tool does daily list monitoring for properties that you're interested in. Basically, the tool lets you “save” up to 2,000 properties and import their data. However, it costs an additional $27 per month, with an option to add a Skip Tracing feature for an extra charge.

Can you drive for dollars on PropStream? ›

There are two options to choose from when Driving for Dollars with PropStream mobile. The first option is to set filters and drive, which will allow you to set a radius around you to help you build a list. The second option, just drive, will show you the exact route you've taken in real-time.

What does Rebo stand for real estate? ›

Real Estate by Owner (defunct website)

Do you think it is a good idea to use lists at home or work? ›

At work and at home, having a to-do list may help you prioritize your work and personal tasks. This allows you to organize and complete the most crucial tasks first. To-do lists can be used to improve time management because all of your tasks are laid out clearly in advance.

Why is using a list effective? ›

By keeping such a list, you make sure that your tasks are written down all in one place so you don't forget anything important. And by prioritizing tasks, you plan the order in which you'll do them, so that you can tell what needs your immediate attention, and what you can leave until later.

What are the types of lists? ›

Types of lists
  • Bucket list. Such as "100 things to do before you die". ...
  • TODO list. Such as "Weekend tasks to complete". ...
  • Best-of list. Such as "Top 10 movies of all time". ...
  • Inventory list. Such as "Items for sale".
  • Brainstorming list. Such as this list. ...
  • Index list. A list of lists. ...
  • Check list. ...
  • Timeline list.

What are elements of a list? ›

The values that make up a list are called its elements, or its items. We will use the term element or item to mean the same thing. Lists are similar to strings, which are ordered collections of characters, except that the elements of a list can be of any type.

What are the 4 types of list? ›

Different Types of Lists in HTML
  • Unordered Lists or Bullet Lists: An unordered list is formed with the element UL and contains at least one list element LI. ...
  • Ordered Lists: This list is used to create and Indexed List, such as a numbered or alphabetical list. ...
  • Nested List: ...
  • Definition Lists:

When should you use a list? ›

Use a list if you have an ordered collection of items. Use a set to store an unordered set of items.

How many types of lists are there *? ›

There are three types of lists in HTML: Unordered list or Bulleted list (ul) Ordered list or Numbered list (ol) Description list or Definition list (dl)

What are lists simple words? ›

: a simple series of words or numerals (such as the names of persons or objects)

How many types of list explain with example? ›

The three list types
  • unordered list — used to group a set of related items in no particular order.
  • ordered list — used to group a set of related items in a specific order.
  • description list — used to display name/value pairs such as terms and definitions.

Are wholesaling homes risky? ›

Since the wholesaler never actually purchases a home, real estate wholesaling is much less risky than flipping. Flipping also often involves renovation and carrying costs such as a mortgage, property taxes, and insurance. Real estate wholesaling requires much less capital than flipping.

Is wholesaling actually worth it? ›

Wholesaling is considered one of the best short-term investment strategies and is a great way for individuals to break into the real estate investing industry. This is because wholesaling does not require significant capital to get started.

What are the three great challenges in wholesaling? ›

Both manufacturers and customers have a troubling tendency to underestimate the three great challenges of wholesaling:
  • Doing the job correctly (no errors)
  • Doing the job effectively (maximum service)
  • Doing the job efficiently (low costs)

Can wholesaling be a career? ›

Wholesaling is a great way to get started in real estate investing, and it's an excellent avenue for passive income. As you gain experience and build your business model, you can scale up your profits and make wholesaling a career!

How much can Beginner wholesalers make? ›

With an average wholesale assignment fee of around $10,000 per transaction, it doesn't take many deals to quickly earn a respectable income as a wholesaler. Even just closing one deal every two months, an amateur wholesale investor could make around $50,000 in their first year.

Is wholesaling a side hustle? ›

Wholesale is a great way to make a significant amount of money on the side if you're willing to put in the work. If you're looking to get started as a wholesaler, I would begin networking with other wholesalers and real estate investors to find out what they do day-to-day.

Is wholesaling flipping? ›

Wholesaling is often referred to as flipping contracts because you employ the same financial strategy by purchasing a contract and selling it to someone else at a markup.

How to wholesale houses for beginners? ›

Here are a few simple steps to get started wholesaling:
  1. Research your local market before getting started.
  2. Curate a buyers list for your area.
  3. Secure a financing source that works best for you.
  4. Begin searching for potential wholesaling properties.
  5. Decide whether to sell the contract or work on a double closing.

Is wholesaling real estate flipping? ›

With wholesaling, you find a home that needs work with the intent to assign the contract to another buyer. When you wholesale a property, you typically sell it as-is without any renovations or improvements. When you flip a property, you find a home at a good price and you renovate it.

How is PropStream skip tracing? ›

Skip tracing is the process of locating a property owner's contact information. Real estate professionals skip trace to find an owner's phone number and email address so they can market directly to the lead. You can do this directly from PropStream by selecting “Skip Trace” from the navigation bar.

Where does PropStream get their data? ›

What data does PropStream include? PropStream's nationwide property data is multi-sourced from county recordings, MLS records, and private data sources, giving you access to the most comprehensive and accurate database available of over 153 million properties.

How do I get my list from PropStream? ›

This can be done from the “My Properties” page by selecting the list you want to export, checking each record individually or bulk selecting all records, and clicking the Export button.

Is skip tracing expensive? ›

How much are skip tracing fees? The type of skip tracing service you're looking for determines the cost of the fee. Fees range from $20.00 to $350.00 depending on the complexity and fees and time the skip tracer incurs but it's best practice to ask your process server for a quote.

How much does PropStream charge to Skiptrace? ›

12¢ per skip trace & 10¢ if you add on List Automator.

Does PropStream scrub the Do Not Call list? ›

PropStream is the only real estate data provider that offers DNC scrubbing for free with our skip tracing service, with no minimum orders required.

Does PropStream cost money? ›

PropStream Pricing

The baseline PropStream subscription costs $99 per month. For that, real estate investors get access to national data on PropStream's website and their mobile app.

Does PropStream use MLS? ›

MLS Sales Data is returning to PropStream with a proprietary algorithm that meets MLS regulations/requirements. This algorithm provides our customers with the best access to Sales Data as possible without having to be a real estate agent. Why does the MLS not allow third-parties to publish MLS Sales Data?

How can I get listings? ›

7 Simple Steps for Getting More Listings in 2022
  1. Build a real estate database filled with homeowners. ...
  2. Automate the process of sending them comparable home sales activity. ...
  3. Email the homeowners in your database a monthly newsletter. ...
  4. Leverage the tool Homebot. ...
  5. Send an unsolicited CMA every 6 months.

How much is PropStream after free trial? ›

First of all, let's start with the features that you get for the $99 monthly subscription or the PropStream free trial. Listed below are the core features of the PropStream platform and the main tools and services that the monthly subscription offers: Access to the online platform and the mobile app.

How do I find failed listings on PropStream? ›

With PropStream, you can find expired listing leads in just minutes. Here's how: Login to PropStream and search your market from the 'Filter' Menu. Select 'Failed Listings' as your Quick List choice.

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